Weight Loss Medication

5With a growing global obesity crisis, it should come as no surprise that weight loss medication is becoming and ever increasingly big market. Drugs for weight loss work in several different ways from helping your body absorb less fat to actually suppress your appetite and thus making you want less food to begin with.

A very important factor that you should consider when taking drugs to lose weight is that on their own they won’t work. They are not a magic pill that will make the weight fall off in days. You still need to exercise and diet and use them as a way to assist your weight loss. It’s also important to bear in mind that these drugs should not be the first step on your weight loss journey, and they are not recommended for people who want to get fit or lose a small amount of weight but rather if you have serious weight issues that are impacting on your life.

The first type of weight loss drug is the one which stops your body absorbing fat such as Orlistat (Xenical). These can be purchased over the counter or can be prescribed by a doctor, though they are called different things and have different strengths.

The second type of drug which can be used is one which will suppress your appetite, such as Belviq. This will stop you feeling hungry in an attempt to help you eat less and may make you feel uncomfortable if you do eat large amounts.

Even though many people lose five to 10 percent of their body weight when they have been taking these medications for roughly one year, it is important to consider than when you stop taking the drug you are likely to put the weight back on if you don’t make moderations to your diet and exercise.