Treating Pain with Pain Killers

getty_rm_photo_of_pillsPain, whether fleeting or constant, is very difficult to live with. But with the advancements in modern medicine you no longer have to suffer with pain. There are many drugs which you can take to either lessen or totally rid yourself of the pain. Pain killers are a fairly old medicine, considered very safe and are cheap to produce.

There are main painkillers out there on the market but some of the most popular include paracetamol, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. But have you ever thought about what happens when you take a pain killer? How does it actually deal with the pain? The drugs do not actually stop the pain from occurring, this can only be done by dealing with the cause of the pain. What gives you pain can be any number of things from a broken bone to simply being over tired. What the drugs are able to do is stop you feeling the pain while you can remedy the primary cause.

Pain in when your nerve endings, which we have all over our bodies, are reacting to say, for example, a burn. When these cells are damaged in some way then they release a chemical called prostaglandins. This chemical is what tells your brain something has happened. It will also inform your brain of where the injury is and how bad it is, and you feel the pain accordingly.

When you take a pain killer, this stops the prostaglandins travelling to the brain resulting in the fact that you don’t feel the pain anymore, even though the injury is still there. This is why it is only advised to take pain killers short term without the advice of a doctor. If you consistently take them then you could be masking the pain being caused by something more serious which needs medical attention.