Questions to Ask your Doctor

Ask Doctor_0There are many things to consider before you start taking medication. The most important thing that you should to is to talk to your doctor or physician who can advise you correctly about all the different aspects of taking medication. However, here are a few points that you might want to raise with them.

Dosage – Normally this will be stated on the packet, but if you are unsure about anything, don’t be afraid to ask for a detailed explanation about how much you should take. Especially as often with new drugs you are required to up your dose gradually over time.

Time – With some drugs the time you take them has an effect on how well they will work. So be sure to clear up if you need to take them in morning or evening. Sometimes it won’t be a problem when you take them, but it’s good to get this cleared up.

Food – Often food can interact with a drug and certain medications needs to be taken with food, and occasionally you might be advised to take the drug on an empty stomach in the morning.

Existing conditions – It is really important that you make your doctor aware of any existing conditions that you have. If it is something serious your doctor will most likely be aware of this, but say for example you are planning to get pregnant or embarking on a new exercise regime. These should also be discussed.

Alcohol – Though your doctor should inform you, it’s always best to check about drinking alcohol when you are taking any medication. They will inform you about abstinence or moderation while you are on the drug.

Existing medications – Though your doctor will know if you are on any prescribed drugs, you should also let them know if you are taking any extra supplements such as vitamins and minerals.