Since the birth of medicine, admittedly in a much simpler form, thousands of years ago, drugs have been assisting with pain control and saving loves around the world. Drugs are now not only used to sure disease but also to improve quality of live and also kick bad habits such as drinking and smoking.

In these pages we will look at a variety of issues surrounding modern medicines. First we will take a look at inceptions of drugs and how different civilizations, such as the Greeks, influenced their progression. We will then take a look at how drugs are developed for public use, including the several stages of trails which a drug must go through before being deemed safe by medical boards. We will also suggest some important questions that you might want to ask your doctor if you are about to start a course of medications, such as, ‘what time of day should I take the pills?’

After that we will look at some specific uses of modern day drugs, dealing with the more common every day issues such as stopping smoking and using Viagra for treating erectile dysfunction.

Another common use of drugs is to treat pain. We will briefly examine how pain relief works and also when you should take it and when it is best to seek further medical advice.

Finally we will take a look at one of the most celebrated drugs on the market, antibiotics, and discuss the problems which might arise with it in the future.